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Tavrida National University

Taurida National University is one of the largest higher educational institutions in Ukraine. Established in 1918, now University has 78 chairs that are incorporated in 15 faculties, where more than 17 000 students have studying. About 500 professors, science doctors and professor’s assistants make working staff of TNU.

Geoecology Chair of TNU – one of the leaders in graduating of bachelors and masters of ecology in Crimea, it carries out many important researches in the field of environment protection and sustainable development. Jointly with another University structures: Scientific-Research Centre of Technologies of Sustainable Development and Regional Information-Analytical Centre of Environmental Monitoring, the Chair decides the key problems of regional development in the field of natural resources management, protection of environment, ecology-economic optimization of Crimean peninsula territory. On the basis of Geoecology Chair the UNESCO Chair “Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development” was founded at 2006.

Main international research activities:

  • "Biodiversity Conservation Needs Assessment in Crimea" (1997-2001). Project was supported by the Biodiversity Support Program (USA), which was consortium of World Wildlife Fund (WWF), organization "The Nature Conservancy" and World Resources Institute (WRI).
  • INTAS-UA-952-177 project "Biological effectiveness of forestry actions and environmental protection" (1997-1999).
  • Education on spatial planning in the framework of a post-graduate course at Vernadsky Taurida National University - Scientific Co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland (SCOPES 2000-2003).
  • Tempus-TACIS project CD_JEP-21242-2000/Ukr «Development of Education in a field of Ecologically Safe Energetics» (2001-2004).
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of Crimean Regional Development Strategy. UNDP Crimea Integration and Development Programme in coordination with Council of Ministers of Autonomous Republic of Crimea (2007-2008).

The project will essentially be implemented by:

  • Dr Tatyana Bobra  Prof. Tatyana Bobra is author of more than 150 advanced studies, 10 monographs and 11 train and methodological manuals. A coauthor of on-line tutorials of normative disciplines on «Landscape ecology», «Setting of norms of the anthropogenic loadings on the natural environment» of the educationally-professional program of preparation of Bachelors in «Ecology», ratified by scientific-methodical center of Higher education of MON of Ukraine, 8.02.2005 A participant of many research field expeditions in Crimea, the Caucasus, in the Carpathians, in Middle Asia (Kopetdag). Participant of 20 International projects such as ISAR, INTAS, TACIS, BSP, Swiss scientific fund, TEMPUS-TACIS, ES of UNO, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, 7 scope program of European Union, TEMPUS IV and 49 scientific-research topics and expertise, 6 ecological audits on the order of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Additional information:Laureate of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Award in 2005 in the nomination «Education» for the manual «Ecological audit». Recipient of an award in 2008 «Excellent worker of education of Ukraine» and Gratitude of Chairman of the Supreme Council of ARK. Responsible secretary of scientific magazine «Geopolitics and ecogeodynamics of regions», scientific editor of magazine of «Notes of Geoecologists’Society». A founder of NGO «Geoecologosts’Society ». Member of International Association of landscape ecology – IALE. – Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor - landscape ecology, geographical boundaries, ecotones, econet, environmental audit  - team leader;
  • Dr Alexander Lychak  Senior lecturer – member of the local Scientific Steering Committee. Associated Professor of Chair of Geoecology, Geography Department Taurida National V.I. Vernadskiy University (TNU). Fields of scientific interests: 1. Theoretical problems geoecology, spatial analysis, the dynamics of ecosystems, the environmental conditions of landscape systems and GIS-technology: more than 100 scientific works were published; 2. Landscape fundamentals of creation of nature protection system and nature resources management in Crimea: more than 50 scientific works were published. Total number of scientific publications - 160. Member of UNESCO Chair «Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development» of V.I.Vernadsky Taurida National University. Director of Regional Information-Analytical Center for Environmental Monitoring (Simferopol, jointly VTNU and Republic Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature Resources of Autonomous Republic of Crimea). Head of more than 60 research projects. – Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of Regional Information-Analytical Center of Environmental Monitoring - GIS, landscape ecology, econet, environmental situations assessment, protected areas;
  • Alexander Rudyk – Assistant of Professor – landscape ecology, management of protected areas, econet, EIA and SEA;
  • Vadim Yashenkov – Msc, post graduate student – landscape ecology, alternative energy, EIA.
  • Grigoriy Prokopov - Assistant of Professor -  Hydrobiology, Human Ecology
  • Irina Gluchenko – Researcher - programming, GIS, computer modeling and mapping

Role in the project:

TNU is involved in three tasks on Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Health pilot studies within WP5.