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  • To strengthen Black Sea Catchment network of active players in the field of Observation Systems.
  • To start developing a Black Sea Catchment Observation System (BSC-OS) providing services to GEOSS, INSPIRE, UN-SDI.
  • To make the processed information on future regional vulnerability available through the Internet to warn concerned populations and authorities.
  • To create a portal tool on the Internet to guide adaptation strategies aimed at addressing issues of water resource vulnerability.

This WP organizes all the activities of the project that relate to developing a Black Sea Catchment Observation System (BSC-OS) in a harmonised way and takes the responsibility of the quality control of these activities.
The overall objective is enhance the use of EnviroGRIDS SDI with an Observation System centered on two specific goals; to raise awareness of Societal Benefit Issues of the general public and to build regional capacities on GEO and INSPIRE new standards and approaches.
In the first place, the outputs of the EnviroGRIDS will be brought to the general public by developments of a Graphical User Interface and visualisation tools, and in providing guidance and help functions for the entire computer based knowledge sharing through a WebPortal and platform.
In a second place, the BSC-OS will be used and tested with decision-makers.


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D6.8 National GEO Committees

Deliverable D6.11. Functional prototypes of BSC-OS Flood Portals for citizens: Implementation and Evaluation