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Center for Ecological-Noosphere Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia (CENS)

Abovyan 68, Yerevan 0025, Republic of Armenia. https://www.ecocentre.am

CENS was founded in 1989 as a principal research organization engaged in fundamental and applied studies in the area of environmental protection.CENS has now a strong leadership in carrying out fundamental and applied studies in ecology and the health of the environment.
Multidisciplinary investigations performed in the CENS are oriented to the complex assessment of ecological state of territories and development of scientific-and-methodical fundamentals of ecological expertise and optimization of natural resource management processes. CENS includes a number of problem-oriented laboratories and research teams dealing with environmental geochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, biomonitoring, radioecology, bioenergy, landscapes and natural resources planning, geopathogenic zones, GIS and Remote Sensing technologies.

Of special interest in environmental research carried out by CENS are E-science tools, such as Geographic Information System and remote sensing, widely employed when managing ecological issues. Since 2009, CENS has been involved in the Armenian National Grid Initiative with the purpose of using the mechanisms and tools of data processing, visualizing and storage provided by the Grid infrastructure. Moreover, CENS have successfully carried R&D projects funded by NATO "Science for Peace" program, OSCE, UNESCO, CRDF, USAID, etc.

Research team

  • Dr. Shushanik Asmaryan
  • Dr. A. Saghatelyan
  • Dr. V. Muradyan

Link with enviroGRIDS

Close collaboration with enviroGRIDS will be especially useful in the context of our ongoing collaboration in the SCOPES project ARPEGEO (https://arpegeo.sci.am) in order to deploy a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for sharing environmental Data in Armenia and beyond.