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Antea Group

Antea Belgium is part of Antea Group that recently (since January 2011) consolidated Delta Consultants (USA), the former company SORESMA nv. (Belgium) and Antea (France). Antea Belgium is a leading engineering consultant entity, employing almost 250 persons at 6 locations, with 9 expertise areas: policy support, environment, water, soil, nature, spatial planning, infrastructure, safety and Geo-ICT. The quality of services complies with the ISO 9001 certification. Our water division, active both nationally and internationally, excels in integrated water management as well as flood risk and forecasting, with a broad expertise in GIS development, data management and processing, rainfall forecast and telemetry, hydraulic and hydrologic modelling, participative master planning and stakeholder participation.

Relevant Experience: Relevant references are 1) the EC-LIFE project FlaFloM (Flash Flood Manager) in Egypt, which aims to develop participative flash flood risk management and 2) the FP7 Twinning project WETwin (in negotiation) on enhancing the role of wetlands into river basin management in EU, Africa and South-America. Further references are 3) EU-Interreg IIIb projects ESCAPE and SafeCoast on safety for flood risk of the entire North Sea coastal zone under climate change; 4) a project in Romania on support for the implementation of the WFD; 5) the development and implementation of state-of-the-art real-time flood forecasting systems for several Flemish river basins including a gauging and telemetry systems, a stabilized chain of numerical models and a web-portal with flood forecasts for for the broad public (https://www.overstromingsvoorspeller.be). Through former non-ANTEA related experience of staff members, expertise from other relevant references can be provided (elaborated in the description of key staff).

The project will essentially be implemented by:

  • Jan Cools MEng MSc combines a Engineering degree with a MSc degree in Cultures and Development (Anthropology). Jan Cools is project leader of the ongoing project in Uganda, the EC-LIFE project in Egypt and the co-coordinator of the new 7FP twinning project WETwin. He has further been co-coordinator in the EC-INTAS project HYDROMANAGER (2002-2005) with Russia on the integration of hydrologic-economic decision-support and pursued research on farmer-based soil fertility practices at the Institutional Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Nigeria (1999). Thanks to his multi-disciplinary knowledge, Jan Cools will be able to integrate information from technical, socio-economical and institutional aspects
  • Dr.ir. Veronique Vandenberghe is a bioscience engineer and is halftime affiliated at the Hydraulics Institute of Flanders. She is specialised in uncertainty calculations for hydrological models. She was involved in European funded projects like CD4WC (urban water management) and Harmoni-CA (integrated river basin management).
  • Dr.ir. Ivan Rocabado is hydraulic engineer specialised in numerical modelling, operational flood forecasting and warning systems. He was project leader for the development of operational flood forecasting and warning systems.
  • Dr.ir. Trui Paula Uyttendaele is a bioscience engineer and is contract manager at the Water Department of Antea Group in Belgium. She is specialised in flood risk management, flood resilience and mountain hydrology.

Role in the project:

ANTEA is leader of WP7 (dissemination and training) and will hence be responsible for the coordinating of all tasks in WP7. For RTD tasks, ANTEA has a role in WP5 (Impacts on Selected Societal Benefit Areas) together with VITUKI for the development of a flood early warning system and flood risk assessment of the Black Sea Catchment (Task 5.6).