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Ministry of  Forest and Water Affairs

Ministry of  Forest and Water Affairs of Turkey was founded in 2011. The Ministry has three General Directories (General Directorate of National Parks and Nature Conservation, General Directorate of Water Management, General Directorate of Combating Erosion and Desertification). The main missions of our ministry are:

  • To determine policies on the subjects such as protection, improvement, operating, rehabilitation and maintenance of forest areas, combating desertification and erosion, reforestation and pasture improvement on forestry,
  • To determine policies regarding nature conservation, designation of protected areas, to provide protection, management, improvement, operating, having them operated of national parks, nature parks, nature monuments, nature reserve area, wetlands, biological diversity and protection of wildlife and hunting/games,
  • To determine policies on conservation and sustainable use of water resources, to coordinate national water management affairs,
  • To determine policies and strategies related with monitoring meteorological events and taking necessary measures about them,
  • Carrying out the preparatory works made on a national scale for the purpose of following international studies within the scope of the Ministry and of making contribution on them, with the cooperation of related organizations

Also, Ministry of Forest and Water Affairs has two affiliated institutions, namely State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) and State Meteorological Service (DMİ) that are the head agencies of the hydrology and climatology, respectively.

State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) is a legal entity included in general budget, and is the primary executive state agency responsible for planning, management, development and operation of the nation’s overall water resources. DSİ is responsible for four major tasks: Irrigated agriculture enhancement, hydroelectric energy generation, water supply to large cities, and flood prevention measures
Reservoir operation information, River discharge data at hydrometric stations and water quality at hydrometric stations data will be provided by DSİ.
State Meteorological Service (DMİ) is the only legal organization that provides all meteorological information in Turkey. The main objectives of the DMİ are:

  • To make observations
  • To provide forecasts
  • To provide climatological data, archive data, and other information
  • To communicate these to the public
  • To provide meteorological needs of army and civil aviation.

Main international research activities:

  • Water Database Project (DSİ)
  • TEIEN (MoEF), Establishment of Turkish Environmental Information Exchange Network
  • Corine Land Cover Project (MoEF)
  • Environmental Information System (EIS)
  • (MoEF), Interactive Water Management Project (MoEF)
  • Flash Flood Guidance System (DMİ)
  • Solar Atlas (DMİ)
  • GEF Procet (Strenghtening  Sea and Shore Protection Areas of Turkey)
  • GEF Project (Biodiversity and Neturel Resources Project)
  • GEF Project (Strenghtening Management of Forest Protection Areas, Küre Mountains)
  • Protection of Biodiversity and Naturel Resources Project in Yıldız Mountains

The project will essentially be implemented by:

  • Etem AKGÜNDÜZ. Faculty of Geodesy ve Fotogrametry Engineering, Masters Degree of Physical Science
  • Kamile KALAYCI. Faculty of Agriculture, Bachelor of Agriculture Engineer
  • Gencay SERTER. Faculty of Architecture (City and Reginal Planning) Bachelor of City Planner, Masters Degree of City and Environmental Sciences

Role in the project:

MEF entered the consortium following the recommendations from the Gap analysis. MEF will seek to obtain new hydrological and meteorological data from Turkey, as inputs for SWAT. It will also participate to the evaluation of the outputs of the Black Sea SWAT model in smaller regional sub-catchments. MEF activities will be essentially in WP4.