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FP7 projects must have a Gender Action Plan (GAP), reflecting the European Commission’s desire to promote gender equality as a mainstream issue.

The enviroGRIDS Gender Committee aims at ensuring gender equitability, defining specific women needs and proposing appropriate solutions (mobility, meetings) and actions to the Coordination and Management team and the Project Management Board. It is composed of three members elected amongst partners.

Gender Committee members (Apr. 2011 - Mar. 2013):

Ines Grigorescu (IGAR)
Tatyana Korzun (ONU)
Nikolay Iliev (BSREC)

Past Gender Committee members (Apr. 2009 - Mar. 2011):

Tamar Bakuradze (GeoGraphic)
Tatyana Bobra (TNU)
Pierluigi Cau (CRS4)

The reports on Gender issues in enviroGRIDS can be find below if you are logged in.

Links to resources for women in science can be found on the website of our partner project ACQWA.