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Czech Centre for Science and Society, Republic Czech

CCSS is an association of high tech SMEs, the public administration and research organisations. It is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organisation. CCSS is a type of virtual centre of excellence with the focus on the implementation of new communication and navigation technologies which have potential for sustainable development.

The CCSS co-operates with a wide range of institutions and individuals, home and foreign ones. International activities in the field of international projects, utilisation of modernist technologies, co-operation networks of the small and medium business within the framework of regional economies comprise intensive contacts, particularly in Europe, Africa and South America.

CCSS is national coordination office for the United Nations Spatial Data Infrastructure (UNSDI) initiative. The objective of UNSDI is to enhance spatial data and information sharing between UN agencies and programmes, as well as national and regional SDI’s, and promote and achieve sustainable development through a.o. opensource software solutions.

Finished projects:

  • EMIRES supported economic development and the creation of new jobs in some less favoured regions by providing suitable mobility. (https://www.emires.net/)

  • Rural Wins - Thematic Network aimed to build a strategic RTD roadmap developing an Information and Communication Technologies vision which ensures the economically and technically feasible deployment of information and communication solutions for rural areas (including also maritime regions and islands). (https://www.ruralwins.net/index.htm)

  • A BARD Analysing Broadband Access for Rural Development (A-BARD) is the Coordination Action (2005 – 2006) to research rural broadband provision and use, as part of the Scientific Support to Policies in the EU Sixth Framework Programme.

  • Armonia - The overall aim of the research project ARMONIA (Applied multi Risk Mapping of Natural Hazards for Impact Assessment) is to provide integrated risk maps in areas prone to natural disasters in Europe.(https://www.armoniaproject.net)

  • NaturNet Redime. The general objective of NATURNET-REDIME project (NNR) is the improvement of knowledge and the provision of education concerning all aspects of Sustainable Development. (https://www.naturnet.org)

Running projects:

  • WINSOC. The key idea of WINSOC is the development of a totally innovative design methodology, where the high accuracy and reliability of the whole network is achieved by introducing a suitable coupling among adjacent, low cost, sensors that gives rise to a distributed detection or estimation more accurate than that of each single sensor, without the need for sending all the data to a fusion centre.

The project will essentially be implemented by:

  • Dr CHARVÁT Karel. Education: Charles University in Prague - Doctor in theoretical cybernetics.
  • Dr BOUKALOVÁ Zuzana. Education: Charles University in Prague – Faculty of Science, Department of Hydrogeology and civil engineering, RNDr (doctor in environmental science).

Role in the project:

CCSS is leading the task on sensor data integration in WP2 and taking part in the interoperability task. In WP6, CCSS will build a Uniform Resource Management (URM) platform that will be integrated within BSC-OS Portal and EnviroGRIDS Platform in order to support effective exchange of knowledge and information.