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The knowledge and expertise gained during the entire project will be shared during several workshops and training sessions with targeted groups of experts and stakeholders. A fundamental objective is to enhance the application and use of EnviroGRIDS system by the organisation of workshops in the Black Sea Region on main topics addressed in EnviroGRIDS and related to GEO work plan such as climate, demographic and land cover change scenarios, hydrological models, impacts on societal benefit areas, local, national and regional sustainability and vulnerability.
E-learning modules will be developed that aim at training as many professionals as possible in environmental management and data acquisition that will be delivered to the Uniform Resource Management (URM) system in WP6.
This work package will provide also input for external communication. including production of multi-lingual leaflets, newsletters, policy briefings and end-user deliverables.  A project webpage will be developed and implemented under the activities of WP1.
The last purpose of WP7 consists in co-coordinating the dissemination of the research results towards decision-makers and policy makers. The two Commissions (BSC-PS and ICPDR) are in a perfect position to help improving the use of EnviroGRIDS outputs to policy makers through their existing networks of communication. These Commissions have for instance members of environment ministries of all countries in the Black Sea catchment in their different boards.