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Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources, National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (SPCB)

27 Akademycheskaia St, Minsk, Republic of Belarus. https://biobel.bas-net.by/zoo/index.html (in Russian)


Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources was founded in 2007 as the result of reorganization the former Institute of Zoology. Now there are 130 persons on the staff (24 Ph.Ds and 8 DSc ). The main activity of Institute is connected with the study of different taxa of animals, landscape and freshwater ecology, conservation of lakes, rivers and wetlands and anthropogenic influence on ecosystems. Scientific trends in field of study ecosystems are orientated on the solution of theoretical and applied issues including the following:

  • fauna and systematic of different taxa of animals;
  • community structure and population ecology;
  • monitoring and inventorying of fauna;
  • study of alien species areas and experimental modelling of invasive processes;
  • bioindication and estimation of ecological water quality (implementation of EU Water Framework Directive);

SPCB is a major player in the conservation of biodiversity, heads the monitoring network on animals included in Red Data Book of Belarus, Bonn and Ramsar Conventions. It also coordinates the activities on study of alien species in Belarus. Some projects were financed by FP6, GEF, INTAS, TASIS, Bird Life International and others International Funds. Within the European cooperation on aquatic invasions SPCB study the distribution of invasive species on Baltic and Black Sea basins.

Research team

  • Vitaliy Semenchenko DS, Prof. in biology (aquatic ecology), expert in ecology of water invertebrates, population ecology, monitoring and bioindication of surface water in Black Sea basin
  • Mr Victor Ryzevsky PhD in biology (aquatic ecology), expert in invasive fish in Black Sea basin
  • Mr Mikhail Pluta PhD in biology (aquatic ecology), expert in invasive fish in Black Sea basin
  • Mr Vasily Vezhnovetz PhD in biology (aquatic ecology), expert in invasive Ponto-Caspian crustaceans

The research team took part in realization the DAISIE and ALARM Projects in FP6.

Link with enviroGRIDS

Close collaboration with enviroGRIDS partner SPSU for the collection of long-term data on biodiversity and invasive species of the upper Dniepr River and Prypet River.