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Next workshop: 23 September 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

"Bringing GEOSS services into practice" aims at teaching participants how to install, configure and deploy a set of open source software to publish and share data and metadata through the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) using OGC web services & ISO standards.

GEOSS has been created as an international voluntary effort that connects geospatial and Earth Observation and information infrastructures, acting as a gateway between producers of environmental data and end users. The aim of GEOSS is to enhance the relevance of Earth observations and to offer public access to comprehensive, near-real time data, information and analyses of the environment.

This meeting is held within the framework of the enviroGRIDS project that addresses the environmental problems surrounding the Black Sea Catchment. This area is known as one of ecologically unsustainable development, where inadequate resource management has led to severe environmental, social and economic problems. enviroGRIDS aims at improving this by building capacities for sharing and exchanging environmental data through GEOSS.

Below are found the CD-ROM ISO image distributed during the workshop, as well as all individual files contained in the CD.

GEOSS in practice - CD-ROM ISO image

GEOSS in practice - tutorial

GEOSS in practice - java JDK

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GEOSS in practice - clients

GEOSS in practice - data

GEOSS in practice - manuals

GEOSS in practice - docs